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We are on a mission to provide the ultimate end-to-end solutions for a global decentralized E-Commerce marketplace

using Cryptocurrency and a unified eco-system powered

by the Alpha-X blockchain

with a brain of AI Intelligence

Problems- Centralized
E-commerce Market

  • first problem

    Centralized E-commerce = Profits to shareholders

  • second problem

    High commission fees up to 15-20% charged by centralized e-commerce platforms.

  • third problem

    High processing fees Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Payoneer and Skrill.

  • fourth problem

    We give up a lot of data to these companies about how we live our lives and what we are buying which these companies are selling

  • fifth problem

    A combination of all middlemen bank fees, currency exchange fees, card processing fees can be 30-40% of the purchase price.

Solution Alpha- X
Decentralized Ecommerce

  • Decentralized E-Commerce = Profits to the network (not the shareholders)

  • No platform fees for selling or buying

  • 100% data security

  • AX-Coin for Advertisement, High Search Listings and positioning

  • Larger Network Increase value AX-Coin through value of advertisement in the network increases

Heart of the Decentralised
Payment Ecosystem

One of the main goals of the Alpha-X platform is to provide a unified eco-system and offer marketing solutions for any e-commerce businesses that want to increase their business and earn cryptocurrency.It aims to increase the value of AX Coin and thus the value of selling and buying on the Alpha-X.Market.The importance is building meaningful buyer-seller relationships and hence increase the growth of the network.We present the AX Coin as the solution to unlocking the full potential of the eco-system and thus increasing value for all investors.The proposed start of the e-commerce ecosystem is to accept all major traded crypto-currencies on coinmarketcap or anything accepted by the seller.

The AX Coin is primarily used in the beginning as paying for advertising, search and prime listing in the marketplace attracting buyers and hence creating a step by step increased value and demand for the AX-Coin. A larger network of sellers and buyers increases the value of selling and buying on the platform. Therefore a reserved amount of AX-Coins will also be used by the Alpha-X foundation to extend the network through inviting selected large network sellers such as MLM, direct selling networks and other marketing campaigns to increase the number of sellers on the network.

decentralized Marketplace AI assisted

Multi Currency Wallet with instant Exhange

Blockchain with brain of Artificial Intelligence

Chatbot AI supported

Buyer and seller incentives program

Crypto currency - fiat Exchange

Unique Selling Points

  • Alpha-X Blockchain AI supported

    AlphaX is an entirely new generation of crypto-currency which goes hand in hand with Blockchain & AI.Blockchain provides data security and transparency whereas AI provides a self-learning and enhanced module in the system.

  • 100% Buyer & Seller data security

    As there is no middle person involved in the transaction, so it gives you a trustworthy way to store data.

  • No Buyer & Seller Commission

    Alpha-X comes with no commission, neither from buyer nor seller. As we have mentioned earlier that there will be no third party involved in this transactions so that no extra fees will be required, whatever Buyer sends the transaction amount, the seller will receive same.

  • AX Coin & Another cryptocurrency for payments

    AX Coin & Another cryptocurrency for payments

  • AI supported search function

    Alpha-X supports enhanced search function module,which will be refined and an exact relevant search result will be received based on search query.

  • Multi-currency Wallet withinstant exchange

    Multi-currency wallet feature is also supported by Alpha-X for eg., BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH etc,on top of that instant exchange of those currencies are also available.

  • Instant transactions

    With Alpha-X takes minimum time for confirmation of transactions because of which quick transaction will be performed.

  • Loyality program

    Alpha-X also provides loyality program for its customers in which customers are benefited with various facilities & incentives, some of them are, old/repeated customers get some rewards, we also provide lifetime support to all our customers.

alpha-xICO timeline

  • 15 th Sep 2018 to 15th March 2019

    Coins to be sold - 30 Million

    Cost – 5 Cents each -No Minimum

  • Open Pre Sale

    16 th March 2019 to 30th Apr 2019

    Coins to be sold - 50 Million

    Cost – 7 Cents each -No Minimum

  • Crowd Sale

    01 st May 2019 to 31st July 2019

    Coins to be sold - 90 Million

    Cost – 9 Cents each -No Minimum

POS Rewards System

1st Year10% per month
2nd Year5% per month
3rd Year3% per month
4th Year2% per month
5th Year onwards1% per month

token distribution

30%Advertising, Marketing and Promotions

25%Technical, Infrastructure, Support & Staffing

20%Business Development and Operations

10%Listing on Other Exchanges

05%Legal Advisors

05%Team Incentives

05%Research, Data Science, Scalable Architecture

alpha-x roadmap

  • april 2018Idea came with internet of things making life simpler

  • may 2018Research, Team building

  • june 2018Alpha-X Webdesign Launched

  • july 2018Alpha-x website Launched

  • august 2018- Whitepaper Launched, Blockchain created
    - Source code published on Github
    - Posting on Bitcointalk & other forums
  • september 2018- ICO launched
    - Private Pre-sale

  • october 2018- Bounty Campaigns

  • december 2018- QT Wallet for Mac

  • January 2019- Open Pre-Sale
    - Security Audit Report
    - Crowdsale
  • Q2 2019- Alpha-X marketplace development
    - Security audit

  • Q3 2019Alpha-x Mobile Wallet
    - Listing on Coinmarketcap
    - Listing on Exchange
  • Q4 2019Data collections for X-intelligence machine learning

  • Q1 2020- Major coins integration and security audit for exchange
    - Alpha-X Exchange development

  • Q2 2020- X-intelligence Development
    - Alpha-X Marketplace completion and launch

  • Q3 2020X-intelligence Prototype Exchange Beta launch

  • Q4 2020X-intelligence launch and Alpha-X foundation

  • Q1 2021Foundation integration with product

  • Q2 2021Alpha-X ecosystem completion and product integrations

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six reason why Invest in the alpha-x?



Alpha-X is building the world’s first Blockchain-based, free of charge, peer-to-peer market ecosystem with cryptocurrency as the method of payment.



One of the key advantages of the Alpha-X platform is that it provides a unified free of charge peer-to-peer ecosystem. The AX-Coins will be used to provide top-search results, and advertising and marketing solutions to direct sales companies. The eco-system will work without middlemen or banks, and users can increase their sales with no costs and earn cryptocurrency. The cryptocurrency can then later be exchanged peer-to-peer with any 'fiat' currency e.g., USD, EUR etc. through the already developed Alpha X exchange or local partners such as



We expect the AX-Coin will rapidly increase in value. With a larger and larger network of sellers and buyers, the value of AX Coins will increase since the value of advertising on the Alpha-X Marketplace will increase simultaneously.



With our special buyer and seller 'incentives program' the network will keep growing, and the value of the AX-Coin will keep increasing in value, by taking full advantage of the network effect.



Therefore, it will be a great opportunity for our early investors to join the network via the ICO from the beginning. With our network growing every day there is potential to grow the investment by even more than Bitcoin, which grew from 25 cents in 2009 to today being worth around thousands per coin, mainly due to the Alpha-X great network effect and that there are already tens of thousands of registered users.



Alpha-X offer up to 10% monthly rewards through POS rewards for the AX-Coin deposited in the QT wallet. As long you keep your AX-Coin in your QT-wallet you will get in the first year monthly rewards in the amount of 10%. Second year monthly 5%, third year monthly 3%, fourth year monthly 2%, fifth year and so on monthly 1%

Order AX Coins today - the network is growing

Crypto Wallet with Hybrid operation module:

The Alpha-X wallet is a decentralized QT wallet for Windows, Mac and Linux clients for storing, sen- ding, receiving and minting new Alpha-X Coins. The user will hold his private keys in here and hence it’s the most secure way to keep the money. The wallet has already been developed by our development team and is ready for download.

Technical Solution

Alpha-X blockchain and coin is already developed, for cryptography, we have used the “Scrypt” algo- rithm, which is a password-based key derivation function. The algorithm was specifically designed to make it costly to perform large-scale custom hardware attacks by requiring large amounts of memory.


We will be adopting and making further changes in block structures and the chain in the near future as per needs; to perform these operations we need an algorithm that will allow for a structure, which can be scaled further. Faster transactions, block size and the time for generating new blocks is very im- portant and this decides the transaction time.

Size and security of blockchain

Size and security of blockchain Scrypt allows us to add further filters or to customize as per needs; this is needed for adding extra layer of security and keep improving it. The size of the blockchain is another issue and this will be much bigger in the near future making it difficult for new entrants to quickly set up nodes.

windows download now

osx in progress

linux download now

coming soon

Alpha-X Exchange

Alpha-X Exchange will be the platform for exchanging crypto-currencies into other crypto currencies. fiat currencies or vice versa. We will be providing unique features such as personalized experiences. Each user has different requirements and trading volumes e.g. some of them will only trade in crypto to fiat and will try to earn from volatility. however others will be using crypto-currencies as their investment portfolio and from time to time will trade in crypto to crypto.
As per the requirement we will be categorizing our customers and will provide more benefits as per their needs that will be specially developed to suit their style of trading.
No Trading Fees: To facilitate exchange between crypto and traditional currencies (Fiat) Alpha-X Exchan¬ge will match buyers with sellers. Like a traditional crypto or stock exchange. users can opt to buy and sell crypto-currency earned from the marketplace by inputting either a market order or a limit order. When a market order is selected. the user is authorizing the exchange to trade his coins for the best available price in the market Alpha-X Exchange has partnered and fully integrated API with Binance the world largest crypto-currency exchange providing first class volume and liquidity for the Al pha-X user. To facilitate exchange between crypto and traditional currencies (Fiat) Alpha-X will be providing best terms of trading. As a part of this policy. the exchange will not charge any fees to users with a premium account which will be most suited for higher volume and trading customers. Liquidity: Alpha-X will support many different coins and will initially start with ETC. LTC. ETH and DASH

Technical Solutions

Size and security of Blockchain:
Network Level

1. Multiple levels of defense that stop rapid infiltration by an interceptor.

2. VPN technology to establish a safe and encrypted connection over a susceptible network

3. Multi-layer fireovall magically establishesa filter between trusted and untrusted access

4. Internet overlay network infrastructure spawns layers of network ab¬straction These networks can be used to put life into discrete virtualized network layers just on top of the physical network

User Level

1. 2 Factor Authentication


3. Withdrawal confirmations over secured communications

4. Online support and checks for suspicious transactions









5 level affiliate

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10%1° level reward

5%2° level reward

3%3° level reward

1%4° level reward

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instant BTC payout

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